Who are we?

LYC LAB, LYC Group's Laboratory


Its purpose is the research, development, manufacture of e-liquid for electronic devices. LYC LAB is the industrial division of LYC Group: it concentrates all the knowledge accumulated by the Group since its arrival on the market in 2007, and it represents a unique knowledge regarding design of the liquid refill for personal vaporizer.


LYC LAB in Bergerac, in the Dordogne, France


The manufactured e-liquids are Made in France guaranteed, with the assistance of a competent staff who follows a rigorous protocol for the development, manufacture and traceability.

LYC LAB claims its status of a regional manufacturer with its SOUTH-WEST E-LIQUID ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST") range as figurehead.

LYC LAB is thus the materialization of the will of LYC Group to ensure a supply of fully controlled high quality e-liquids.


LYC LAB History


Knowing the market since 2007, its constraints and expectations, the Group wished to offer its customers a different offer, a worthy offer in terms of taste sensations of the South-West cuisine.


The search of the best ingredients has thus required many months, the design took a lot of investment, the tests were very numerous, and these efforts have meant that the results have managed our particularly high standards expectations. The LYC LAB e-liquids offer intense flavours, for whose vapers are grateful.


The initial objective was therefore to strengthen even more the quality of the products offered to our customers. Although particularly pleased with the performance of its former majority foreign suppliers, LYC Group has adapted and even surpassed the expectations of customers wanting only to purchase "Made in France" e-liquids: the Group thus mobilized its knowledge panel acquired through the experience of personal vaporizer since 2007 and has integrated qualified personnel to meet the technical needs required to achieve a quality production.


With this quality objective, the obligation to stand by top level flavours has emerged: being from Bergerac, South-West, we had to pay tribute to our "region". To do this, we have instructed to get supplies from reputable French aromaticians to establish a complete range of voluptuous flavours.


In addition to the realization of e-liquids dedicated to the Group, LAB LYC also offers its expertise to other specialists of the electronic cigarette by a "turnkey" subcontracting offer.




Product control ensures its quality, its provenance, accuracy of the provided technical data, staff commitment, productions punctuality. LYC LAB strives to satisfy, with a smile, all the vapers and business partners demands. LYC LAB is a responsible company.



LYC LAB promises the taste. Native from South-West and specifically from Bergerac, which is a region full of gastronomic treasures, LYC LAB have to reach the level of these gustatory prowess with its e-liquids. The selection of suppliers is drastic, either for the SOUTH-WEST E-LIQUID ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST") line or for e-liquids outsourcing, and elaborations are the subject of meticulous attentions to achieve a perfect result.



LYC LAB provides continuity of its products, constantly innovating in order to keep one step ahead. Consumer trends are changing and the LYC Group's laboratory suits them. The search for new tastes is an integral part of the LYC LAB job to always offer more flavours, still in the air.