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An ingenious range of particularly alluring Premium e-liquids, an irresistible original creation.


LYC LAB provides a complete subcontracting offer to vape professionals whising e-liquids with their brand.


SOUTHWEST E-LIQUID range ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST" brand) is fully developed, designed and produced in Bergerac, Perigord.

LYC LAB: E-LIQUID R&D division of LYC Group


Research and Development


LYC LAB, the LYC Group's laboratory, is a department which is constantly developing new products to meet the expectations of vapers, that we know perfectly for years.


Indeed, LYC Group is present since 2007, at that time under the Liberty-Cig brand, in the market of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids as being a pioneer at having been able to detect the emerging potential of personal vaporizer.


LYC LAB develops, designes and produces all of the LYC Group's e-liquids (STRIP-TEASE and SOUTHWEST E-LIQUID ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST") brands manufactured in Bergerac -Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine-, like all of the other LYC LAB e-cigarette refills). The LYC Vape network is thus fully supplied with new products by LYC LAB.


All of the e-liquids made by LYC LAB systematically employ ingredients which meet the most stringent requirements: thus, the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are USP certified (United States Pharmacopeia) and aromas comply with the applicable food standards.


LYC LAB, e-liquide R&D
Subcontractor of e-liquids


E-LIQUID subcontracting


LYC LAB also provides the LYC Group's expertise in the service of other networks and independents, either through the STRIP-TEASE, SOUTHWEST E-LIQUID ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST"), LYC'S KINGDOM... ranges which are thus available via numerous partners, or through a full e-liquid outsourcing offer integrating from design to production. The final result is a tasty bottle of e-liquid, labelled with the unique and exclusive point of sale brand.

Subcontracting offers incomparable advantages of visibility and loyalty which only branded products can benefit, all without having to worry about complex industrial problems.

LYC LAB provides its expertise and equipment, and makes available the Private Label: no technical skills are required by the dealer. LYC LAB fully mobilizes its staff, its know-how and machinery.

In order to obtain a more powerful impact in the eyes of the vapers, it is advisable to combine the LYC LAB / LYC Vape ranges to Private Label liquid refills: the spectrum offered to customers is thus wider, so the dealer lends even more credibility to its professional image, highlighting a privileged partnership with an historical actor of the electronic cigarette.

Classic Flavours
Classic e-liquids by LYC LAB
Fruity Flavours
Fruity e-liquids by LYC LAB
Mint Flavours
Mint e-liquids by LYC LAB

Made in France e-liquids
Outsourcing in e-liquids

LYC LAB : e-liquid manufacturer


LYC LAB monitors vape market developments in order to best respond to the vapers increasingly sophisticated demands



Who are we?