DIY - Do It Yourself

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PG/VG bases, nicotine boosters & flavours


In addition to the ready-to-use e-liquids in the "SOUTHWEST E-LIQUIDS" ("E-LIQUIDE DU SUD-OUEST") and "STRIP-TEASE" ranges, LYC LAB also provides vapers with products dedicated to DIY (Do It Yourself) with various aromas.



Propylene Glycol / Vegetal Glycerin Bases

LYC LAB bases are available in several PG/VG variants:

• 70% PG / 30% VG
• 50% PG / 50% VG

These PG/VG databases are distributed according to two capacities:

500 ml
100 ml

Thus, thanks to LYC LAB, any vaper can find a neutral PG/VG base that meets his expectations.


Nicotine booster 20 mg / ml

To complete the range of neutral DIY-by-LYC bases, LYC LAB has created Nicoti LYC nicotine boosters of 20 mg / ml dosage in 10 ml format.



LYC LAB offers a complete variety of aromas with great flavours.
These aromas are to be combined with PG/VG bases to create delicious and personalized e-liquids.

These aromas are distributed in 10 ml format.
Any e-liquid fan is thus able to concoct his own preparations with LYC LAB.